Deli Done Right


Anyone who has stepped foot inside an authentic delicatessen knows it is about history, tradition, uncompromising dedication and, well, meat.

Sy Ginsberg grew up with pickle juice and spicy mustard practically coursing through his veins. He started working in a deli at age fifteen cleaning out pickle barrels and eventually ran two very successful delicatessens in Detroit before founding United Meat & Deli in 1982.

Sy wanted his customers to have an authentic deli experience. He wanted to bring every nuance, every flavor, to their collective palate. He started with perfecting his corned beef brisket and the rest, as they say, is history.

The brand has gained popularity throughout the Midwest and across North America, but at its core, it still strives to create products that honor the memory of the storefront delicatessen. United Meat & Deli is deli done right.


Deli done right